Pre-Construction Coordinator

Juliana Chavarria, the Pre-Construction Coordinator at Coastland Construction, is a driven and highly skilled professional driven by her relentless pursuit of excellence. Leading a dedicated team of estimators, she specializes in quantity surveys and fundamental REVIT modeling. Her commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients is at the core of her work, which includes preconstruction services, bidding processes, strategic project planning, thoughtful finishes selection and comprehensive data collection.

Juliana began her studies in Civil Engineering in Medellin, Colombia. She began at Coastland in 2019 when she joined as an intern before taking on increasingly pivotal roles in the company. Her remarkable drive, attention to detail, and steadfast task orientation have played pivotal roles in her success both on and off the jobsite. As she continues to evolve in her current role, Juliana is excited to explore her passions further, which include structures, interior design and development. She is completing her MBA at Florida International University, specializing in finance, a testament to her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.