Project Executive

Samantha Gonzalez, the Project Executive of Construction at Coastland Construction, is a dynamic leader known for her exceptional ability to manage multiple projects and her close collaboration with the Pre-Construction team. Her responsibilities span project planning, team development, meticulous scheduling, and client relations. Samantha has a steadfast commitment to ensuring overall client satisfaction and a constant dedication to excellence.

Committed to ensuring a prosperous future for Coastland, Samantha champions the integration of cutting-edge technologies and streamlined processes to enhance project controls. Her leadership extends to the ongoing improvement of the company’s employee training program, which reflects her deep commitment to nurturing talent within the organization and ensuring the highest standards of performance.

Samantha holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Florida International University. Her journey with Coastland began seven years ago in the Accounting Department, where she developed a passion for the construction industry. Fueled by her belief in the value of hard work, Samatha continues to succeed and make her mark in the industry as a Project Executive.